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The Show is a mix of visual arts with spectaculars acts. Including Motorcycles wizards, Wheel of thrills, Funambulists, Contortionists...
Some of the acts are only existing in the show and nowhere else in the world.
Characters and a special band bring the spectators in a special atmosphere.

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Performers in this gallery are: Olga's band, The Marin Family, Tyrone Laner, Justin Case, Yusura, The Infernal Varanne Bikers,
Natasha Hibbit and Louise Gibb, Jenny and Sara. Fabricio Nogueira by Raluy

The "Long" version of the show is around 100 minutes long, We have a shorter version of 50 minutes.
Composed of around 15 performers from various nationalities. All the equipment fits in two or three 20 feet sea containers.
We supply only the equipment relative to the show and decoration. We do not supply big top , lighting and sound system.
From our logistic department, we take care of shipping, custom ATA carnet, ect, we deliver the show to your doors.

The show is perfect for indoor stages, theater, big top. Ideally for 800 to 2000 spectators. A special version is proposed for open air venues.
We comes with stage manager, light and sound designer. Backstage crew can be locals. The cast is composed of 10 to 17 performers.
From various nationalities.

The show is ready to be promoted.
Get contact with us to talk about